Development & Introduction

Unity, Practice, Exploration, Innovation

South China Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.(Known as SCM, formerly South China Marine Machinery Plant) is affiliated to China State Shipbuilding Corporation(CSSC), and the oringinal was established in 1968. Now SCM has become one of the main suppliers of offshore crane, deck crane, deck machinery(heavy type windlass winches), etc. in China. SCM consists of Wuzhou Headquarter and Guangzhou subsidiary.

SCM has more than 700 employees. There are 94 employees with degree of bachelor and more than 10 employees with degree of graduate, 75 intermediate engineers and 23 senior engineers, of which 6 Professor Senior Engineers and 2 Experts enjoying the special allowance of State Council.

The total area of SCM is 358,000 square metres, consists of Wuzhou headquarter with 230,000m2 and Guangzhou subsidiary with 128,000m2, and the production workshop area is more than 70,000m2.